Shakespeare Smash!

Establishing a new theater company is no easy feat, especially in a region already rife with emerging upstarts. Troupes looking to distinguish themselves are advised to find a unique hook to draw attention. Dovetail Theatre Company, for example, is making their first impression with Shakespeare. Don't think Shakespeare implies radical ingenuity? Perhaps you'd like to argue that point with your fists. Eschewing the Bard's more contemplative nature, Dovetail has devised a Shakespearian smack-down that owes as much to Hulk Hogan as Laurence Olivier. Imagine the Globe Theater as a wrestling ring where Shakespeare's heroes and villains (a.k.a. faces and heels) gather to settle timeless grudges with hand-to-hand combat, unsanctioned foreign objects, and dueling monologues. Conceived by Dovetail founders David Darrow and Kara Davidson, Shakespeare Smash! serves as a fundraiser for the company's upcoming production of Leonce and Lena. These violent delights, to paraphrase the good Friar Laurence, might have violent ends, but they also indicate an unusually clever debut for the latest company to stake a claim in the Twin Cities theater scene.
Sat., July 2, 10 p.m., 2011

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