Seymore Saves the World

Seymore Saves the World wield an unabashedly positive demeanor. Theirs is a universe where the Crayola sun is always shining from the corner of the construction-paper landscape, and every stick figure sports a shit-eating grin. The local trio plays infectiously cheery power pop, with nasally vocals more cutesy than snotty and soft keyboard breakdowns that could tempt even the most sullen goth kid to tap a Doc Martin with childish glee. The music is definitely aimed at the teenybopper crowd, locking in on that era before listeners rack up enough heartbreaks and "this is what the real world feels like" tragedies to dive into their Joy Division phase. But Seymore Saves the World's verse-chorus-verse tunes are so effectively catchy that legal-agers would be wise to recognize it as the latest guilty pleasure. With The David Harris Show.
Thu., April 23, 6 p.m., 2009

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