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Recently Seth Meyers, head writer for Saturday Night Live and Weekend Update anchor, took a break from working on sketches with Justin Timberlake — who Meyers describes as "the best host of the modern era" — to chat with City Pages about his upcoming standup show at Treasure Island Resort & Casino. "I think if you know my Weekend Update persona, my standup is fairly close to that," he says. "I like to talk about current events, and I can tell stories about my own life that would be indulgent to do on SNL." For Meyers, standup offers a different type of energy and excitement than SNL does. "Weekend Update is the culmination of a lot of people working really hard over the course of a week," Meyers says. "With standup, you're up there entirely on your own. You feel like you're doing comedy with a lot less of a 'net,' so to speak. Because you're solely in control of it, you can kind of see where it takes you any given night, which I always find fun, too." He still gets butterflies in his stomach before he hits the stage, but says that it's a good thing. "Before I do Update or standup, I do feel a comfort in butterflies. I feel like being a little bit nervous is a good feeling. That kind of goes away when you get that first laugh — you relax and kind of go into the rest of it. Those butterflies remind me that what you're about to do is hard, and is going to require all of your focus," Meyers says. Meyers has been to Minnesota several times, often to visit a friend from college and once for a trip to the Boundary Waters. He says he has "much love" for a state that would elect an SNL alumnus as senator (Al Franken), and he can't wait to be back in Minnesota. "It's going to be a really funny hour," Meyers says. "If people have enjoyed SNL at any point in the last 10 years, they will enjoy the show." Editor's note: You can read our extended interview with Seth Meyers here. (Photo courtesy of NBC.
Sat., March 23, 8 p.m., 2013

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Treasure Island Resort and Casino

5734 Sturgeon Lake Road
Welch, MN 55089


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