Serious Art

This show is going to involve some intensely serious art. None of that macaroni glued to construction paper with glitter and spray paint stuff. Actually, the "serious" in the gallery show's title is probably less about grave, humorless art, and more about seriously awesome, outlandishly silly, and completely enjoyable art. This show will mark the return of Michael Gaughan, a Minnesota native who is now residing in Los Angeles. People around town may remember him as humorous rapper Ice Rod or the brother half of Brother and Sister. His paintings and drawings span the gamut from whimsy to earnestness to hilarity, giant baby alligators fighting muscle cars, a mural of Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver constructed entirely out of toast, and children and football-themed water colors being only a few examples of his past work. Hardland/Heartland features the work of Crystal Quinn, Eric Carlson, and Aaron Anderson and complements Gaughan's work with playful, bright colors. All artists will be on hand for the opening party from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, July 12, with live music by Brother and Sister and the Meanbeeps (featuring members of Hardland/Heartland).
July 12-Aug. 19, 2008

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