Second Annual Minneapolis Bike Tour

Biking in Minneapolis is a ton of fun; we've got a well-designed trail system, lots of pretty lakes, and terrain that's happily horizontal. The only thing better than biking in Minneapolis, really, is doing so amid the camaraderie of other bike enthusiasts. The second annual Minneapolis Bike Tour offers just such an opportunity, during that great season after the hottest days of summer have fled but before the sharp winds of autumn have taken their place. The full tour stretches 37 miles, but participants with lesser endurance can opt for a 14-mile version; the path will be kept clear of crossing cars and medical assistance will be on hand. Riders who pre-register are guaranteed a commemorative T-shirt, and the ride's "Aftour" party in Parade Field boasts its own entertainment options: music, food, and merch vendors, including local bike shops peddling their pedaling wares and a print-art sale from bike-inspired local artist Adam Turman. Register at
Sun., Sept. 14, 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m., 2008

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