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Sean Patton

Daily from Dec. 4-8
8 p.m.
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10:30 p.m.

Sean Patton has performed comedy on four continents this year, and has learned a lot about other cultures. “Over here, people talk about how America is losing freedom of speech,” he says. “Go spend a week in China where they actually don’t have freedom of speech. We’re not losing shit.” He points out that he can repeatedly talk negatively about the president on the phone. “I don’t fear suddenly being detained. In China, you can’t talk negatively about [Chinese president] Xi Jinping. It’s troublesome to do so. You’re told you can’t talk about Taiwan, Tibet, or Tiananmen Square—not even in casual conversation.” One of the clubs Patton was scheduled to play in Shanghai was closed before he arrived. “The concept of improvisation is not allowed,” he explains, “and in a comedy show there’s a good chance of that happening. They want to approve everything you’re going to talk about onstage.” The exposure to so many other cultures has helped cement his approach to comedy. “I try and stay away from topics I know other comedians might go after, which is a lot,” he notes. “My material comes through experiences and from places people aren’t really looking.” 18+.