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Sean Patton

Daily from Dec. 12-16
8 p.m.
Daily from Dec. 15-16
10:30 p.m.

Sean Patton has been quite the world traveler lately. “I was in Norway, England, and Ireland,” he says, “and I did a month at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.” During his time in Europe, he had a chance to perform with local comics. He was especially intrigued by performers for whom English was not a native language. “They’ve spoken English for maybe five or six years, but they learned to speak it specifically so they could do standup,” he says. Some perform in English and their native tongue. The latter was sometimes a challenge for Patton if he had to perform on the same bill. “A lot of those comedians would perform in, say, Norwegian, on certain shows,” he explains. “The audience is laughing... I don’t know what he’s talking about or what he’s saying. Am I going to go up there and just talk about the same things in a different language? It’s very interesting when you break it all down.” Back in the U.S., Patton is building and tweaking his next hour, which he hopes to shoot next year. 18+.