Schatzlein’s 100 Year Celebration

When Emil Schatzlein opened his harness and saddle shop in south Minneapolis in 1907, Lake Street was unpaved and a stable stood nearby on Dupont Street. People were dubious that the newfangled, unreliable "horseless carriage" would catch on, and Schatzlein's store did well. It specialized in unparalleled service—customers with broken harnesses could stop outside the store and Schatzlein would repair the gear on the spot. A century later, the saddle shop is flanked by a punk-rock record store and a hotel-furniture liquidator, but the family-run service inside remains unchanged; now Emil's grandchildren provide expert advice to horse people (the kind who still deal with 1 HP engines) on saddle fitting and bridle repair, or to urban cowboys looking for flashy Western shirts or platter-sized belt buckles. The store celebrates its centennial with a block party featuring the Western Guitar Singers, a Wells Fargo wagon, and children's activities. Also, horses return to Lake Street for pony rides, a mounted police demonstration, and photo opportunities. Giddyup!
Sun., Oct. 14, 12-3 p.m., 2007

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