Scala & Kolacny Brothers

If the idea of "choir music" has you struggling to keep your eyes open as you recall Sunday-morning hymnals, it might be time to retool your preconceptions. Scala & Kolacny Brothers are an honest-to-god girls' choir hailing from Belgium, but rather than focus their attention on soul-saving, these ladies take their cues from the Billboard charts, reinterpreting hits from U2, Radiohead, and Bjork, among others. You can forget Glee; there's nothing tongue-in-cheek about their picks. It's as though their mission is to peel back the dirty layers of common pop to transform it into something unexpected, virginal, and strikingly beautiful. 18+. (Photo by Fratelli BVBA)
Fri., April 22, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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