Say Anything

You could say that Say Anything's Max Bemis, like Lloyd Dobler, is a bit of an underachiever. Having just completed Anything's third major-label album, Bemis appears no closer to making commercial headway with his band's unique brand of emo—which directs just as much adolescent rage outward as it does inward; with titles like "Died a Jew" and "Shiksa (Girlfriend)," it's really no surprise that few have openly embraced the notoriously confrontational band. It's also probably safe to say that the band's last album, In Defense of the Genre, an experimental two-disc concept record, didn't widen their appeal. The first single from their newest, trimmer effort, "Hate Everyone," makes no obvious concessions with its sing-along chorus of—you guessed it—"I hate everyone." But the truth is, even at his most acerbic and misanthropic, Bemis still sounds like the kind of guy you'd root for to get the girl. With Eisley, Moneen, and Moving Mountains. All ages.
Thu., Oct. 22, 5 p.m., 2009

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