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Sarah Tiana

Daily from June 8-9
7:30 p.m.
June 9
9:45 p.m.
Daily from June 10-11
7 p.m.
$22; $15 Thursday and Sunday.

Minnesota has been good to comedian Sarah Tiana, though in a serendipitous way. A self-described huge sports nerd, she was able to cover the last Super Bowl. “I got to work with Greg Jennings,” she says. Jennings, a former Packer, spent two seasons with the Vikings. “I worked with him on a show called Garbage Time on FOX. That was really fun. I got to work the Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons were in it, and they’re my team; it was a pretty overwhelming and exciting experience.” Except for the very end, of course. “That was really tough,” she says of the Falcons’ loss to the Patriots. “My boyfriend is a sportscaster, and he picked me up at the airport with flowers and a gift card.” That’s another new thing in her life. “I met him last year right when I got back from Minneapolis, the day after Valentine’s Day, and we’ve been a couple ever since. It’s my first relationship in nine years. So, I have some new material on that after being single all through my thirties.” At first, Tiana thought being in a relationship would be life-changing. “Honestly, my only job as a girlfriend is to turn my head when he says, ‘Hey babe, watch this.’” 18+; 21+ late shows.