Andy Ryan


Sarah Manguso

April 28
7 p.m.

Imagine the most prophetic, poetic, and unflinchingly honest tweets you’ve ever seen compiled into a slim, blue book. That’s what Sarah Manguso’s 300 Arguments from Graywolf Press will remind many readers of. “You might as well start by confessing your greatest shame. Anything else would just be exposition.” “Worry is impatience for the next horror.” “Perfect happiness is the privilege of deciding when things end. But then you have to find a new happiness.” Manguso’s arguments speak to mortality, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, and motherhood. Her blatant truth-telling is addictive; readers will find it difficult not to devour these 90 pages filled with wisdom, witticisms, and humor in one sitting. Written initially as a diversion from another work-in-progress, Manguso felt the need for completion, even if only in a couple of sentences. “For the longest time, it wasn’t actually a book,” she says. “It was just a bad habit that I was indulging in while I was trying to write a different book.” That bad habit turned into a gift for readers with short attention spans seeking meaning.