Sanitarium: To Cure What Ails You

The location is Bedlam, the notoriously cruel British asylum. The year is 1902. Does this sound like a hot spot for fashion? No. And then there's John Harvey Kellogg, an American doctor who really enjoyed his enemas, yogurt, and cornflakes (but not masturbation)—probably not the most stylin' guy out there. Yet these sources are exactly where fashionistas are asked to draw inspiration for Sanitarium, a medical-themed party this Thursday. Revelers are invited to dress the part, which is your opportunity to flaunt that gothic nurse costume, those wicked steampunk accessories, or anything else you might have that looks like it came from a Nine Inch Nails video. Designers Megan Bishop, Heather Luca, and Samantha Rei from the Libertine Asylum will be creating couture fashion interpretations from historical drawings of nurse uniforms from the era, while the Midnight Muse Revue will give strip teases that will drive you simply mad. Enter the X-ray Room to have your portrait taken by Drayke Larson of Photosynthetique Imaging. You can also shop for tonics at the Apothecary, enjoy tunes by indie rockers Skittish, or tell the bartender what ails you so he can whip up a cure-all. 18+. (photo by Brymo)
Thu., July 16, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., 2009

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