Photo by Jeff Allen


(Sandy) Alex G

June 27
7 p.m.
Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

(Sandy) Alex G, the Philly singer-songwriter formerly known as just Alex G, is a unique product of the 2010s. He first developed a cultish YouTube and Bandcamp following, then grew that fan base with acoustic songs reminiscent of Elliott Smith, though with a weirder, more experimental side to him that signing with the famed indie label Domino in 2015 hasn’t diminished. Last year, he found a new audience after adding guitar and arrangements to two songs on Frank Ocean’s Blonde, “Self Control” and “White Ferrari.” And this spring he returned with Rocket, a kitchen-sink affair that ranges from lo-fi hardcore punk to banjo-picking alt-country, though his Smith influence can still be heard on a straightforward earworm like “Proud.” If it’s not exactly the most cohesive album, that’s kind of the point — while he’s proven he can write a concise indie-pop gem, Alex’s defining quality may be his boundless imagination. With Japanese Breakfast and Cende.