Sam Amidon

Dramatically revising a wide range of vintage folk material, New York-based Sam Amidon seriously blurs the lines between traditional and contemporary. Amidon, who grew up singing and playing fiddle and banjo in his parents' Vermont folkie community, essentially splinters Appalachian ballads, old hymns, children's songs from the Georgia Sea Islands, and at least one R. Kelly tune, reassembling them with fresh angularities and skewed melodies. On last year's I See the Light, Amidon's dry, almost monochromatic voice, sometimes harmonizing with the likes of Beth Orton, threads through arrangements fused from streaks of multiple Americana roots, chamber music, and indie rock, creating quietly striking pastiches that feel more avant-garde than trad. Holly Newsom of the local band Zoo Animal will open with a solo set.
Tue., March 22, 7 p.m., 2011

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