Salacious Magazine Launch Party

Ever thought, "This US Weekly is good, but it isn't really a magazine that 'aims to meld pornography with high art; comics with erotica; titillation with stunning visuals'"? If you answered yes, then Salacious: A Queer Feminist Sex Magazine has got your number. The group has been throwing launch parties all over the country, and now it's Minnesota's turn to celebrate. The get-together features refreshments, music, stimulating conversation, and a preview of the Northern Exposure's Bike Porn 4: PLAY, coming to Minneapolis on March 8. What is bike porn, you ask? Bikes making love? People loving bikes? Long, slow shots of nicely painted Bianchi frames? No. Bike porn consists of filthy, smutty, erotic videos featuring people and bikes meant to make you uncomfortable in a sex-positive way—or just positively horny. Whether you attend the party for the magazine, the bike porn, or because you needed to go on a condom run, fond memories will be made.
Sat., Feb. 26, 7-9 p.m., 2011

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