Saint Paul Winter Carnival: Beer Dabbler Festival

It's hard to believe no one thought of this before. What kind of carnival can justifiably call itself thus without the sanctioned possibility of some Bacchanalian rowdiness? All that's missing from a wholesome, outdoor, subzero festival of snow sculptures, parades, and cold-weather athletic feats is a beer-for-all to loosen everybody up a bit, right? Thankfully, Saint Paul Winter Carnival organizers must have had one of those "What Would Homer Do?" moments. The carnival has teamed up with the roving Beer Dabbler Showcase for this year's event and will be offering tastes this Saturday from more than 40 different breweries, including locals like Lift Bridge, Fulton, Finnegans, Brau Brothers, and more, along with some food and fires to keep the gastric juices flowing and frostbite at bay. Head over post-parade or post-Vulcan-welcome, or come fill up pre-hot air balloon launch for the all-you-can-taste event at Mears Park. Hell, screw the broomball and fireworks and just come drink beer. Homer would most definitely approve. The Bulldog Lowertown will be serving up some grub onsite, and to sweeten the deal, you'll get your very own tasting glass with the price of admission. Don't worry, teetotalers: Us beer drinkers will be corralled at the park, surrounded by all our fellow hedonists. Buy tickets at or call 612.269.1674 for more info. (Photo by Reggie Aligada)
Sat., Jan. 23, 3:30-7:30 p.m., 2010

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