"Safeword: An Erotic Art Show" at A-Mill Artist Lofts Museum L-R: Work by Linda Marsh, Matt Franzen, Matt Hintz


Safeword: An Erotic Art Show

Daily from Feb. 14-15
7 p.m.-12 a.m.
$20 online/$25 at the door
Adult, Art, Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Galleries, Holiday

As any responsible kinkster knows, safety and consent are of utmost importance. With that in mind, this show at A-Mill will serve as a safe space for artists, performers, and, um, bakers to set their sexual fantasies free for all to see. Around 80 or so artists will have steamy work on display, with pieces ranging from merely suggestive (a pair of slugs locked in an embrace, flowers in bloom) to full-on penetration. Onsite entertainment will be erotic as well, with pole-dance performances, BDSM demonstrations, and a shibari (aka rope/knot play) installation for those looking to explore all the different things that people get off to. Twin Spirits Distillery will serve libations, and Foxcakes will bring chocolate penises and “pussycake” cupcakes on V-Day. The two-night event is presented by Otherworldly Arts Collective, and tickets can be found at 21+. Enter through the red door on Southeast Third Avenue.