The brainchild of three brothers from Mexico City, Sacbé is an ever-evolving trio whose sound is as varied as the life experiences of each of its members. Pianist Eugenio Toussaint is an accomplished composer who has worked with musicians like Herb Alpert and Paul Anka and has spent significant time in Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis; brother Enrique, a world traveler rooted in White Bear Lake, is a self-taught bassist who cites Jaco Pastorius as a major influence; and drummer Fernando lives in Mexico City, where he performs with his own jazz/funk groups, most recently Aguamala. The brothers have performed together as Sacbé for over 30 years, combining a mutual love of Latin-American music and rock 'n' roll with influences as far-reaching as African, Asian, and Brazilian music, but what makes their performances so unforgettable is the seeming effortlessness with which each performer plays off one another. It's the kind of unity that comes from a lifetime of camaraderie and real-life brotherhood, and it's the reason why this rare local performance by one of Mexico's finest jazz combos shouldn't be missed.
Sat., Oct. 4, 7 & 9:30 p.m., 2008

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