S. Carey (CD-release)

>"What's the last thing a drummer says in a band?" "Hey guys, we should play this song I wrote!" We've all heard the joke, and while it's not very funny, it's also not very true (see also: Dave Grohl.). Bon Iver drummer Sean Carey recorded his debut, All We Grow, under the moniker S. Carey, and while it's not a long drive out from familiar territory, it's certainly a tantalizing affair. The arrangements are far less sparse and the songs only about half as tear-jerking, but the careful craft and delicate, fragile nature of the songs are the lush, blooming valley to Bon Iver's frozen Arctic tundra. Carey finds beauty and gravity in the little things, and while they meander into darker territory at times, there's always something to grab onto at the end, not just a howling abyss waiting to swallow him whole. Carey proves once and for all that drummers aren't just faceless, bipedal metronomes for the guys out in front onstage. All We Grow is filled with a quiet poignancy that will make you want to right every wrong from your past, no matter how small the infraction. With Lucy Michelle.
Fri., Aug. 27, 7 p.m., 2010

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