RZA as Bobby Digital

It's been well demonstrated that the RZA can do just about anything, from his work with the straight-up legendary Wu-Tang Clan to his soundtrack/score credits, most notably Kill Bill I and II, which could be the be-all end-all to soundtracks with their retro-sophisticate kung-fu movie music and soul gems plucked from relative obscurity. But it's the release of his newest album, Digi Snacks, under the moniker of his solo alter ego RZA as Bobby Digital, that brings RZA to town this time around. Initial single "You Can't Stop Me Now" is rocking that '70s soul/jazz flavor, and is an apparent theme throughout. Whether people will be filling up First Avenue on account of it simply being a RZA show, or out of a genuine interest in the always-intriguing and entertaining Bobby Digital brand, it's gonna be a big night for those of us who love rap and the RZA's genius within the genre. With Stone Mecca, a funked-out soul group under the Wu Music Group umbrella. 18+.
Mon., June 30, 8 p.m., 2008

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