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Ryan Hamilton

Daily from Feb. 21-25
8 p.m.
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10:30 p.m.

If you think standup has to be raunchy or offensive to be funny, you haven’t seen comedian Ryan Hamilton perform. Despite being a guy with a goofy grin from a potato-farming community in Idaho, Hamilton will have you howling with his wholesome jokes about everything, including his chronically single status, emasculating emojis, and skydiving. His observational and self-deprecating humor is clean — and quite literally sober — but none the weaker for it. While Hamilton is Mormon, religion is one of the topics he doesn’t address in his act. Constantly touring, Hamilton has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Conan, and The Late Late Show, and was named one of Rolling Stone’s Five Comics to Watch. Though he now lives in New York, he hasn’t lost that “golly gee” small-town quality. Whether he’s trying to cancel a gym membership, being stood up at a picnic, or reluctantly agreeing to hold a baby, Hamilton makes real-life socially awkward situations grist for his comedic mill. This is an act that has a laugh for everyone. 18+.