Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses


As unlikely as anyone to have both an Oscar and now a Grammy on his résumé, Ryan Bingham nonetheless still sounds like a consummate outsider. A former rodeo-circuit bull rider, his voice sounds like it's been scarred by decades of wind-whipped West Texas grit while his music is the very definition of no-nonsense Americana, probing hard country, roadhouse blues, bitter folk, and roots rock. His 2010 Oscar and 2011 Grammy were both for "The Weary Kind," a song written with fellow Americana stalwart T Bone Burnett for the Jeff Bridges film Crazy Heart. Burnett also produced last summer's Junky Star for Bingham, who again wrote vivid tales of hard-put seekers, wanderers, and the irretrievably lost. The Horses, meanwhile, are equally lively etching quiet intensity and Stones-like searing ferocity. 18+.
Thu., March 3, 7 p.m., 2011

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