There are three ways people regard Canadian super-prog/metal legends Rush: There are the fanatics, the camp of Rush haters, and the middle ground of folks who know all the singles, but rarely stray beyond them. Wherever you stand, it's impossible to deny their influence on rock 'n' roll. Geddy Lee's almost-robotic falsetto is one of a kind, while the importance bestowed on Neil Peart by drummers everywhere has reached almost comedic proportions. Add in the smoking guitar of Alex Lifeson, and you have a powerful combination that melds philosophy, math, and classic-rock kinetics and has kept them filling arenas for decades. All this boils down to one question: Don't you have to see Rush in an arena when given the chance, at least once, especially when combined with the grandeur of the Xcel's acoustics? Haters, you can just zip it.
Thu., May 22, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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