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Running of the Half Pints

April 7
12-5 p.m.
$5; $17.89 to enter dog in races
Barhopping, Food and Drink

Most dogs are kind of goofy—that’s why we love them, right?—but there’s something especially ridiculous about the majestic corgi. They’re short, a little stumpy, and generally happy. Which is why the Running of the Half Pints at Bald Man should be delightful. This dog festival will feature pups racing on a 120-foot track. If you have a corgi, be sure to bring them and sign them up. The cute name game is strong here; dogs with monikers like Bubble Butt, Wiggle Butt, Dewey, and Tedford Woofington are already registered. Vendors selling corgi and other doggy wares will add to festivities.