Photo by Daniel Corrigan


Run Westy Run

Dec. 25
7 p.m.

Intentionally or not, Run Westy Run have quietly built up a mythos for themselves in recent years; the Minneapolis rockers, whose classic lineup featured brothers Kirk, Kyle, and Kraig Johnson, are more of a cult concern than ever, partly because their music is hard to find even on the internet. Coming up in the post-Replacements and -Hüsker Dü late ’80s and early ’90s, the Westies’ three-album run culminated with 1990’s excellent Green Cat Island, a rollicking document of styles including country-rock, garage-punk, and proto-grunge. The band recorded a still-unreleased album in the mid-’90s and, after Kraig joined the Jayhawks, went on what would turn out to be a 15-year hiatus starting in 1998. Finally, the Westies began performing again in 2013 and have been playing shows semi-regularly ever since (though, sadly, Kyle passed away in 2014). With the Shiny Lights.