Ruckus On the West Bank

Is there ever not a ruckus on the West Bank? Between the constant string of shows at the Triple Rock and Nomad, the falling wall of the 400 Bar, and the 100-plus years of friendly neighborhood drinking at Palmer's Bar, time spent on the West Bank often feels like a continuous party. That said, Nomad World Pub seeks to turn it up a notch with a ruckus-inducing lineup Saturday night. Featured bands include Big Quarters, whose DJ sets and performances sometimes sound awesomely like a hip-hopped version of a background soundtrack to Scooby Doo. Also performing will be Dance Band, whose "Pedal Power" is destined to become a bicycle anthem for Twin Cities cyclists; Iowa natives Poison Control Center; and Minneapolis indie power-pop rock band Melismatics. 18+.
Sat., Sept. 8, 1 p.m.

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