Adam Reign


Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre

Oct. 13
7:30 p.m.

Say you studied piano or ballet or soccer as a kid, but haven’t practiced for a long while. Give it a go and you’ll find that muscle memory kicks in. Dancer and choreographer Rosie Herrera, who grew up in the south Bronx, has muscle memory of a different kind—and we’re not talking contemporary dance. It’s fight choreography, as taught to her by her bad-ass mom, Cookie. In her 2009 solo, “Cookie’s Kid,” Herrera examines the ways in which “in our house, touch was more important than happiness,” she says. In the piece, which includes a short film that references her father, Herrera moves, sings, and speaks about her childhood. Also on the program is “Carne Viva,” a quartet in which the raw violence of relationships is merged with religious fervor and romantic reflection. Based in Miami, Herrera’s company is known for its innovative blend of hip-hop, Little Havana cabaret, modern dance, drag-queen extravagance, surreal dance theater, and Latin pop.