Tim Miller



March 15
7:30 p.m.

In the early ’90s, Tim Miller, as part of the NEA Four, sued the federal government for taking away grant fellowships due to the content of his work. They won. These days, Miller continues to be unswayed. He’ll be visiting Open Eye Figure Theatre this week to present Rooted. The piece uses June 26, 2013, the day that the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned, as a jumping-off point to examine hidden histories, social change, and the future of America. In the piece, he plunges into a genealogical research project to discover the unspoken histories of his family while commenting on trouble the LGBTQ and other marginalized communities face under the current administration. Miller is also the founder of Performance Space 122 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and the Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, California.