Ronny Chieng

Daily from Aug. 4-6
8 p.m.
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“I didn’t feel I could talk about politics much until I got hired here,” says Malaysian-born Ronny Chieng. “Now, I do it professionally.” The standup comic and Daily Show correspondent has always been interested in the subject, however. “I’ve always followed U.S. politics by watching The West Wing and Meet the Press.” Even when he lived overseas in Australia and Singapore, he still followed what was going on here. “For some reason U.S. politics gets covered everywhere, but not the other way around.” Chieng avoided doing political comedy at first for fear he’d be divisive. “I didn’t feel I was smart enough to talk about it intelligently.” Coming off covering both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, he’ll likely have lots of new material. “It’s seeping into my standup quite a lot, but I try not to lecture in my comedy,” he notes. “I prefer to reach people as opposed to lecturing them. But if something is objectively funny to everyone I’ll do that even if it involves politics.” 18+.