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Ron Funches

Aug. 12
7 p.m.

Ron Funches has embarked on a circuitous route to fame. Though he’s experienced in front of the camera, his latest endeavors have been commercial disappointments (a Bruce Willis vehicle, Once Upon a Time in Venice, floundered, as did the promising TV comedy Powerless). Even if the projects failed to take off, each has provided evidence of Funches’ irresistible charisma. In fact, the underperformance of such works could prove all the best for audiences, as Funches has directed his energies back to where he truly shines: the standup stage. With his conversational amiability and insightful ruminations on social absurdities, Funches has honed his disarming persona as he muses on the oddities of everyday existence. Unlike many comics, however, Funches evinces a decidedly uncynical view of the world, focusing on his amazement at such cultural tropes as pop-culture obsessions, unfortunate tattoo choices, and the rise of robotic powers. Funches demonstrates a masterful delivery, leisurely working his way through hilariously off-kilter observations, pausing only in anticipation of each cleverly constructed (and irresistibly witty) punchline. With an air of perpetual amusement, Funches is always eager to let audiences in on the joke. All ages.


Ron Funches is a stand-up comedian, actor and advocate with a unique delivery and lovable demeanor. You just want to hug and squeeze him like a big stuffed bear. His easy going, inventive style sounds the way fresh chocolate chip cookies taste. Ron performs stand up all over the United States impressing audiences everywhere. Ron will be coming to the Cedar Cultural Center on August 12th for a night of full of laughs.