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Roller Derby Queen

Every Wed., Thu., Fri., and Sat. from Nov. 8-25
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Nov. 12-26
3 p.m.
Nov. 20
7:30 p.m.

For its inaugural production, SOS Theater stands to generate buzz with a cast of great Twin Cities performers, including Nancy Marvy, Sara Marsh, Carolyn Pool, Raye Birk, and Andy Rocco Kraft. Matt Sciple, an artist with over two and a half decades of stage experience and accolades, directs. Uniting these extremely talented people is an enthusiasm for a breakout script by Michele Lepsche. Roller Derby Queenderives humor from the heartache of family dependency. Focusing on the strained bonds between a mother and her daughters, the piece follows Florence Alvine Turchin, a woman whose compulsion to collect items of dubious worth is making her home borderline uninhabitable for herself and second daughter, Mary Elizabeth. Alas, when eldest daughter Ellen attempts to impose changes, lifelong resentments are soon unleashed. This new work serves as a reminder of just how much local stages (and audiences) stand to benefit from championing bold and original voices. For tickets, go to