Rogue Valley

Local singer-songwriter Chris Koza renamed his band Rogue Valley last spring and launched a dauntingly ambitious plan to issue four new albums in less than a year, all tied to the seasons. Spring's Crater Lake and summer's The Bookseller's House came out to glowing reviews, to be joined by autumn's Geese in the Flyway with this album-release show, where the band will play the entire album in order. The band, which includes longtime Koza associates Luke Anderson, Joey Kentor, Linnea Mohn, and Peter Sieve, must be getting adept at brisk turnarounds, with work set to begin immediately on the winter installment, due out in February. Geese picks up the nature imagery of Koza's earlier lyrics and travelogue setup of spring and summer while the overall mood is, well, autumnal. A string quartet turns up occasionally, nicely meshing with the group's richly evocative vocal harmonies, which shift subtly as the band moves from chamber folk to country rock to Beatles/Beach Boys pop. Opener Stornoway, meanwhile, is a much buzzed-about quartet from Oxford, England, that released its full-fledged debut, Beachcomber's Windowsill, in August. Led by Brian Briggs's choir-boy high tenor, Stornoway play infectious folk-pop that can be effervescent but still harbor dark undercurrents that suggest deeper implications and a familiarity with indie rock. Additional support Major General is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Franz Nicolay of the Hold Steady. All ages. (Photo by Darin Back)
Fri., Nov. 26, 7 p.m., 2010

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