Rodney Crowell

Daily from Aug. 10-11
7 p.m.
Americana, Country, Singer-Songwriter

Since arriving in Nashville 40 years ago, Rodney Crowell has been a prolific, reliably first-rate songwriter, playing an outlaw mix of country, rock, R&B, and honky-tonk while making astute observations about treacherous relationships, characters, and times. Crowell assesses his life at age 66 on his latest album, the intimate and reflective Close Ties, singing about his hardscrabble youth, his long-lost flames, and his loneliness. Much of the music is acoustic, ambling folk—a bit somber, but, with a string quartet occasionally weighing in, consistently rich. “Nashville 1972” reminisces about wild, distant days hanging with Guy Clark and Mickey Newbury; “I’m Tied to Ya,” a duet with Sheryl Crow, is a live-for-today love song; and “It Ain’t Over Yet” perfectly juxtaposes nostalgic self-examination with resilient determination to carry on, the latter featuring pointed verses sung by ex-wife Rosanne Cash.