Rocky LaPorte

Splitting his time between Los Angeles and his hometown of Chicago, Rocky LaPorte has never been more busy. While his agents have been getting him walk-on parts in several sitcoms, he's also been touring the country, headlining clubs, and doing corporate functions. "Things are starting to come back now," he observes. "I met a banker about a year ago on an airplane, and I said to him, 'You know, I think people have extra spending money, but they're afraid to spend it.' He said, 'You're right.' He worked for a bank in Nashville, and he said their deposits had doubled in the last year. People have the money; they're just hanging on to it until they hear some good news." Which reminds LaPorte of a goofy incident at Target a few months back. "I asked this lady a question because she was wearing a red shirt," he recounts. "Who wears a red shirt to Target? She said, 'I don't work here.' I told her, 'You've got to dress better.' She was mad at me for thinking she worked there." Over the summer, LaPorte found some free time between gigs to take a motorcycle trip on old Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago. He originally rode from Chicago to Lake Tahoe, where he did a gig, then down to L.A., before following "The Main Street of America" back to the Windy City. "That was fun, man. It was 5,000 miles. It was a cool thing to do." His most lasting impression? "You don't see fat people walking around in the desert. It's a weird observation," he laughs, "but it's true." 18+; 21+ later shows.
Oct. 17-21, 8 p.m.; Oct. 19-20, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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