Rockstar Storytellers

Let's face it—storytelling may be the primordial art form, born at the dawn of language. However, modern performance telling, with its small but dedicated, heavily middle-aged audience, has just never managed the same level of cool as rock 'n' roll. But this year, a group of 10 younger local performance artists banded together to take back some of the cultural cachet storytelling deserves. Optimistically calling themselves Rockstar Storytellers, they come to the stage from a multiplicity of backgrounds, from mime to radio monologue to traditional theater to slam poetry to competitive speech. Laden with Fringe Festival credentials, the cast promises to not just twiddle your emotional dial, but to take a monkey wrench to your presuppositions about what storytelling should be. Highlights include the evening's host, Allison Broeren, a standup comedian and co-Slam Master of the Minneapolis Poetry Slam, and philip low, a highly energetic and physical teller who's been known to take the stage wearing nothing but boxer shorts to illustrate the transformation of a character.
Fridays. Starts: Jan. 4. Continues through Jan. 4, 2008

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