Robert Mitchum: Cheap, Flash, and Brilliant

Every Thu. from April 28-May 29
7:30 p.m.
Festivals, Film
In marked contrast to the matinee idols of his day, Robert Mitchum brought a grounded dedication to his profession, embodying roles with an unshakeable gravitas that contrasted sharply with his low-key demeanor. Celebrating the versatility of the legendary performer, the Heights Theater and Trylon microcinema are co-hosting the nine-film retrospective Robert Mitchum: Cheap, Flash, and Brilliant. Titled after a Katharine Hepburn quip, who labeled the actor "cheap and flash," the series belies the accusation with deeply layered portrayals of morally compromised antiheroes in noir classics like Out of the Past (1947), Crossfire (1947), Angel Face (1952), and The Racket (1951); and Western gems like Pursued (1947) and The Lusty Men (1952). Undoubtedly two of the most disturbing roles of Mitchum's career can be found in The Night of the Hunter (1955) and Cape Fear (1962), wherein the actor seethes with terrifying malevolence. As a coda of sorts, the series concludes with The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973), a tragically underseen later work in which Mitchum gives a performance of remarkable resonance, portraying a common crook whose life of crime leads to desperate compromises and dire consequences. Check for Friday through Sunday showtimes at Trylon.