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Robert Kelly

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“I’ve definitely softened since I had a kid,” says comedian Robert Kelly. “Growing up in Boston and coming up as a comedian there in that era, it was a very blue-collar comedy school. It’s not a blue-collar thing now. It’s more nerdy dudes.” Kelly learned from some of the best. “When I was coming up it was Lenny Clarke, Steve Sweeney, and Denis Leary. If these guys weren’t doing comedy, they’d be in a tollbooth or on a construction site somewhere.” The list of Kelly’s peers is also impressive: Patrice O’Neal, Bill Burr. “We were really aggressive. We were assholes,” he laughs. In the early part of his career, his comedy was very instinctual, but then he realized he had to grow. “You learn to do comedy better,” he says, “and you can tell what stinks, what’s hack, how to tell a joke and put stuff together.” He thinks if he hadn’t succeeded in comedy, he would have been a teacher. “Probably an art teacher at a YMCA,” he says. “Something where I would have summers off and living in some shithole. I wouldn’t be married; just trying to bang girls and living for the weekend.” But not drinking. “I got sober when I was 15, so I wouldn’t be drugging or drinking. Probably going to AA dances on Fridays trying to get some.” 18+.