It's not every day that a gang of 18-year-old metal heads overtake a battle of the bands contest and assert themselves as one of the most technically proficient, up-and-coming bands in town, but Rivet did just that last year at the First Avenue Battle of the Underage Underground. What began as a slow and occasionally awkward evening ended with a fierce, head-banging set by these young thrash-metal prodigies, and it caused the judges to rush up to the edge of the stage to catch a glimpse of lead singer Kevin Alter's fingers as they flew effortlessly up and down his fret board. Naturally, the band took first place in the battle, earning them some time in the studio and a one-year contract with Sayrah Records. Rivet have since parted ways with the local label, but have announced on their MySpace page that their first full-length album will drop this February. Catch them as they blaze through the tracks on their forthcoming CD in this five-metal-band lineup at the 400 Bar--with a mere five-dollar cover charge, that's only a buck a band. With the Chained, Matchpoint, Ruben, and Downcast. 18+.
Sat., Jan. 3, 8 p.m., 2009

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