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Rick Gutierrez

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“I had a great childhood, but we were poor,” says Rick Gutierrez. “I found out being funny got me a lot of attention. It was great being the crazy little kid that ran around making everyone laugh.” Unfortunately, the young Gutierrez had trouble with bullies. “When people don’t like you or you’re bullied, you try and make them laugh. Or at least make them look like an ass. You have to be a good athlete too, though. I ran a lot. I was a small kid.” Well, at least at first. The summer before high school, Gutierrez went through a growth spurt. “All those guys that used to beat me up? I went back for blood and my pound of flesh,” he says. “I became a bully a little bit.” He insists he only went after the guys who had hassled him, though. Onstage, Gutierrez talks about other childhood experiences as well as being a husband and father. In 2014, Gutierrez’s special, I’m Not Mad, I’m Just a Parent, debuted on Netflix. 18+; 21+ later shows.