Richard Lloyd & the Sufimonkey Trio

While many of their punk peers were challenging the very idea of lead guitar, Television's Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd turned into one of the great dueling-guitar bands, playing tricky interlocking figures, astral improvs, and upper-neck fusillades of rare beauty. Lloyd's also a notable session guy; his butcher's-knife chords and tortuous leads helped drive Matthew Sweet's string of '90s hits. As a leader, he's not the world's most pitch-perfect singer or its sharpest lyricist, but he croons or yells 'em like he means 'em, and his handful of solo albums hit more than they miss. His 1979 debut, Alchemy, is boyish power-pop with lots of period synths and pretty melodies, "Blue and Grey" being the mix-tape winner, and the title track of 1985's Field of Fire has a sheets-of-sound solo that might have you glimpsing the marquee moon. Recent blues-rock temper tantrums like "Monkey" from 2007's The Radiant Monkey find his powers undiminished. Expect much salivating from the guitar geeks up front, and expect it to be justified. With Speed's the Name and Faux Jean.
Wed., May 6, 9 p.m., 2009

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