"Revitalizing Symbols" L-R: Gwen Nell Westerman, 'Buffalo Springs'; Debra Yepa-Pappan, 'Prayers for Water'


Revitalizing Symbols

Daily from Jan. 10-Feb. 14
Time Varies
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Intended to reflect the ways in which Native artists are reviving and reimagining tradition, this exhibition, curated by Alexandra Buffalohead, features work by the eminent and the emerging. Andrea Carlson, Jim Denomie, and George Morrison are among the former. Also part of the exhibition: Jonathon Thunder’s trickster-like creatures, Debra Yepa-Pappan’s vibrant digital collages, Chholing Taha’s exquisitely detailed evocations of the natural world, and Gwen Nell Westerman’s quilts, full of movement and marvels. In all of the work, patterns and symbols come to the fore in celebration of the secular and the sacred.