'Untitled' Daido Moriyama


Resistance, Protest, Resilience

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“Resistance, Protest, Resilience” doesn’t advocate for any specific cause or promote any particular means of civil disobedience. It does, however, present 60 or so evocative images capturing standoffs between staunch proponents of reform and the entrenched opposition. Covering landmark events of the 20th century, photos depict volatile clashes over the Civil Rights Movement, the 1951 Security Treaty between the U.S. and Japan, the Iranian Revolution, Vancouver’s Gastown Riots, and the 1984 Democratic National Convention. True to the subjective nature of photography, the exhibit asks audiences to consider how the popular impression of dissidence and its participants is reinforced or is refuted by such images. The show also features two immersive media installations: Waiting for Tear Gas by Allan Sekula, and Untitled (Structures) by Leslie Hewitt in collaboration with Bradford Young. In the heat of any social movement, the larger narrative can sometimes be obscured. This show puts such conflicts into a historical context while reminding viewers that cultural struggles can be most insightfully viewed through myriad perspectives.