Reloaded Wednesdays Joke Band Festival


When music geeks get drunk, one of the most nerdy things they yammer on about with their friends is their ideas for some sort of high-concept comedy band, one that plays electro-bluegrass or does crunk covers of the Cure or specializes in doom-metal disco or some other preposterous concept. But Heiruspecs member Sean McPherson, the man behind the Turf Club's recurring Reloaded Wednesdays band night, actually acted on this concept—and so we have the Joke Band Festival. It looks to be a chaotic affair with an emphasis on short sets and high absurdity, featuring a barbershop harmony group called Dude-Wop, the all-female country band Poontwang, the self-proclaimed "bad rap" of Twinkie Jiggles and MCTC, and a number of other eclectic—if ridiculous—one-off bands you've never heard of. Well, maybe you've heard of them from their regular gigs; performers include members of the Como Avenue Jug Band (including Sean's 331 Club trivia partner Chuck Terhark), Martin Devaney, Bill and Abby Caperton (in a "matrimonial joke band"), and some of Sean's Heiruspecs bandmates. All of this is preceded by a screening of the season premiere of Lost, which will probably make even less sense than most of the bands onstage. 21+.
Wed., Jan. 21, 7 p.m., 2009

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