Red Pens (EP-release)

There is really no other way to describe Red Pens' music other than as a deafening squall. Like the Pixies fed into a blender or My Bloody Valentine in a bad dream, Howard Hamilton and Laura Bennett whip up a sound so fierce it's almost comical that only two people are contributing to its creation. People stand in utter disbelief at their live shows, and those foolish enough to be without earplugs run to the bar for some cheapies or flee the scene altogether. The end result leaves people stunned and clamoring for more; part of the allure is the anticipation of what comes next. Red Pens hardly ever play first on a bill these days, but people show up early to make sure they're there at the outset of the destruction and not just in its wake, or worse, while it's happening. The safest place is at the eye of a storm, and since the Red Pens are at the center of it all, it's best that you follow their lead. They're celebrating the release of Limitations, a new six-song EP that promises more of the same chunky yet wiry (or Wire-y) punk rock in two- to three-minute lung-collapsing bursts of fury. With Zombie Season, Fauna, Indian Style. 18+.
Sat., Nov. 6, 9 p.m., 2010

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