L-R: Cy Amundson, Greg Coleman, Moe Yaqub, Mike Earley Recovery Riot at Acme


Recovery Riot

Oct. 15
8 p.m.
Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Comedy

Four years ago, City Pages contributing writer Patrick Strait found himself in a treatment program for alcoholism. “I wish I had one really good story,” he says, “but I screwed up a whole lot of things, it turns out.” As he was putting his life back together, he struggled with the idea of finding things he could enjoy sober. He stayed away from one of his favorite hangouts, Acme Comedy Co., for six months. “I wasn’t sure how to be sober and have fun at a place where drinking is the norm.” These days, he attends a variety of standup nights around town. When he approached Acme owner Louis Lee about doing a sober comedy show, “he was very supportive, because Acme is always looking to bring comedy to new audiences.” Recovery Riot isn’t just for folks in recovery. Comedy fans should enjoy the lineup of local favorites Greg Coleman, Cy Amundson, Mike Earley, and Moe Yaqub. “We’re not going to have any alcohol sales during the show,” Strait explains. “There will be different kinds of beverages and refreshments, and the comics won’t be doing any jokes that glorify drug or alcohol use.” Proceeds from the show will benefit the Stepping Stones sober house program of St. Paul. 18+.