RE: Generations, Legacy, & Tradition

Doug Límon's piece Indian Motorcycle Turtle is a motorcycle medallion surrounded by beads in the shape of a turtle. His works perfectly embody the spirit of "RE: Generations, Legacy, & Tradition." It's the juxtaposition of modern items with traditional Native American art, mixed with cultural and racial ambiguity, that makes the collection intriguing. Bush Foundation Fellowship winner Kevin Pourier and his wife Valerie's work strikes similar themes. The Pouriers work primarily in horn carving, creating ornate and intricately decorated spoons and cups. Their pieces are often political in nature and explore the shaky link between American Indian life and the rest of the U.S. For instance, their spoon Mixed Blood Guy depicts a man labeled with the piece's title being harassed with taunts and phrases such as "Get off our rez" and "You don't belong here." The show also includes antler and leather boxes, hide paintings, masks, and pencil drawings by Dwayne Wilcox, another Bush Fellowship winner, showing a vast range of interpretations of and commentary on American Indians in modern America. None of the artists or works claim to have the answers for smoothing cultural rifts, but they further the questions in beautiful ways.
Jan. 11-Feb. 23, 2008

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