Image courtesy the standup


Randy Rainbow

Nov. 3
7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Randy Rainbow is the latest example of an overnight sensation years in the making. His backstory is familiar: A young man moves to New York City, in this case from south Florida, to pursue a career on Broadway. Instead, he winds up with a variety of day jobs that include waiting tables and office temp work. Then, in an effort to make something happen, Rainbow started a Broadway blog and began making funny videos and posting them to YouTube. Then he stumbled on the idea of doing political song parodies. Helped by a crazy presidential election and an even crazier administration, his career has taken off. Usually wrapped around a cleverly edited faux interview, his song parodies (still produced in his apartment but now much more professional-looking) gather upward of 30 million views. Much like the great Weird Al Yankovic, Rainbow (yep, that’s his real name; it’s his father’s stage-turned-legal name) is great at creating song parodies. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what’s funnier, the song or the “interview” that precedes it. In either case, Rainbow is emblematic of how humor is going to get us through this time in our history.