Ramones Mania 2008

Three-fourths of one of the best American punk bands of all time, the Ramones, are no longer with us. A drug and cancer sandwich, if you will—the initial death of Joey from lymphoma in 2001, the heroin overdose of Dee Dee in 2002, and the loss of Johnny from prostate cancer back in 2004. Originally started after Joey's death as a tribute show and a benefit for the American Cancer Society, Ramones Mania is shaping up to be a tradition at Lee's as the huge lineup of local acts continues to grow, including longtime scene stalwarts the Hypstrz, rockabilly staples Corpse Show Creeps, and multitudes of other local punk and rock outfits. Hosted by John Fenner of Strange Friends, Lee's will be packed with all sorts of fans, possibly a hundred different styles of dancing, and if I can get my hair into pigtails, the best Riff Randall impersonation my wardrobe will allow. Now, if only I can conjure the ghost of Dee Dee to play bass in my shower beforehand. 21+.
Sat., May 31, 2008

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