Ralph Nader Super Rally


It's incredibly easy to write off quadrennial thorn-in-the-Democrats'-side Ralph Nader as a narcissistic, extreme liberal determined to wreak havoc during presidential elections. But if his pathetically afraid rivals and the ignorant masses would take one minute to try to understand the tenets of Nader's campaign (universal healthcare, a speedy withdrawal from Iraq, the chance to debate the other candidates), he most likely won't sound nutty to others, even if they disagree with him. But by attempting to keep him off ballots (he's clawed his way onto the ballots in 45 states this time around, as opposed to only 34 in '04) and refusing to allow him to participate in debates, Republicans, Democrats, and TV networks have made it clear that they would rather keep the election a tidy, two-party race, even if it comes at the expense of the democratic process. This is not an endorsement of Nader. But it makes sense that a campaign ticket polling at more than 5 percent should be allowed to face off with the other candidates. Since that almost certainly won't happen, head over to the Super Rally, hear spectacular music by Ike Reilly and Nellie McKay, and get the facts on Nader from the man himself.
Thu., Sept. 4, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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